Minimise Bounce RateYou have a great website (so you think) but the bounce rate is high. There’s no mystery or magic around improving your bounce rate and having an effective website which engages your audience and achieves results. Here are 7 tips to keep website traffic glued to your pages:

1. User Friendly. Let’s face it, what drives us crazy? I know when I really want to ring the business and I can’t find their phone number! You are looking for their products and services and it’s hidden in a maze of links. Ideally one click should take you to where the reader wants to be – don’t try to force your reader to play a guessing game.

2. Speed. We’ve all become impatient and want everything NOW so waiting 10 seconds for a page to load is about 8 seconds too long. It feels like a lifetime and is a great way to bouncing people off your site real fast.

3. Mobile Friendly. More and more people access websites and online data via mobile devices; whilst In transit, waiting for an elevator, waiting at school pickup, waiting for an appointment etc. Now, more people access the interview via a mobile device than deck-top. If you don’t accommodate them – I can assure you that your competitors will.

4. Reduce the Distractions. An overly busy website, with too much information, not enough ‘white space, burdened with text leaves the visitor overwhelmed. Ensure that advertisements don’t impede too much and that any pop-ups do not occur too quickly. Allow your visitor an amount of time to settle into your content before you demand they sign up for something.

5. Content. Should be clear, concise and relevant. Headings should clearly guide the reader to where they want to be.

6. Call to Action. Have it prominently displayed and relevant – and have only one. Too many actually leave the reader confused and muddled.

7. Make sure things work! Test all links regularly to ensure they work – in fact, make this a scheduled action you diarise to ensure it happens.

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