There are two important issues everyone should be aware of when it comes to their website.
One is speed and the other is security. Let’s look at this further:

Site SecurityWhen it comes to the speed of your website, this is crucial. A website which takes a lifetime to load (as much as 10 seconds) will likely annoy your visitors to the point that they will immediately leave. This will be clearly seen in your analytics as a high bounce rate and low stay rate. In a world of “now” we have become impatient – we want the answer immediately and are not prepared to wait. If your site is slow in loading, then be assured that your prospect will move onto the next site and may well give their business to your competitor.

The second area of importance is website security and preventing hackers from accessing your website and any databases attached to it. Think it won’t happen to you? Think again – hackers make a career of this. Here are some simple but effective tips:

  • Keep your software (and add ons) up to date and current
  • Ensure your website designer/maintainer has strong protection in place
  • Make sure error messages do not give too much away, for example “incorrect username or password” … so you don’t know which
  • Have a strong password which is at least 12 characters long and not whole words or your birth date or dogs name. They should also be
  • unique and not used multiple times.
  • Backup! Like everything in business, from your accounting software, to your server, to your website you should always have backups.
  • Multiple methods is ideal – something akin to a plan A, plan B etc.

Let me ask you this question. How would it affect your business if your website was hacked and you lost it, possibly forever? For some businesses, they get all their business from their website, by the time they re-created their site, they may well be out of business. Treat your website security as a serious matter.

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